Pearl Kogyo established 1953 in Japan. Pearl's branch office in U.S.A, Pearl and Okaya startted in 1997. Since biginning, developing and creating original products to respond to the needs of the customers and keep challenging to achieve customer's saticfaction. Our project "Pearl made in U.S.A" has started. We have achieved successful opening Our machine producting plant in June 2018. Our mission to provide Pearl Kogyo quality for the companies English standards areas.


Important terms in our services, "TIME", "COST" and "QUALITY". Our project "Pearl made in U.S.A, Support by U.S.A" is the meaning the customer benefit, such as quick responce, better understanding on one's needs and cost efficient. And also, we are to provide Pearl Kogyo quality for the advanced technology companies, our customer, in English standards areas.

The Team

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Tomo Iguchi


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Takayuki Yamai

General Manager

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Ryan Ottley

Sales and Purchasing