Pearl & Okaya, Inc.

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- HIGH FREQUENCY WELDER: HF welding and pattern-stamping on PVC parts
- ULTRASONIC RIVETING: Ultrasonic riveting of thermo plastic parts 

- FOLD-BACK GLUING: Folding back and gluing of the material and fabric hem

- KIMEKOMI: Pushing in the fabric hem along a groove for a finished look

- PIERCING PRESS: Stamping base, face materials and fabric

- TRIMMING PRESS: Cut base, face materials and fabric with a blade

- THICKNESS CONTROL: Thickness control of a PVC sheet

- VACUUM FORMING: Vacuum or air-pressure forming of hot face material

- HEAT CUTTING: Cut base, face materials, and fabric with a hot blade 

- HEAT PRESS: Forming carpet with heat and pressure

- ADHESIVE APPLICATOR: Automatic adhesive application to base materials and drying them out.

- THERMO FORMING: Forming thermoplastics